Glocalized Curriculum

With commitments in providing quality education, we specially introduce a brand-new ‘Glocalized’ Curriculum to Hong Kong students. In short, it combines the essence and advantages of the international and local curricula which meets the diversified learning needs of different students. To produce 21st century leaders with strong Christian faith, global mindedness and the desire to incessantly search for excellence, we will fully devote ourselves in the professional development of the Curriculum. In the future, our students will have alternatives in their future study, going for New Secondary School Curriculum or Diploma Program, after they have completed the first 9 years of learning experience.

Features of the Glocalized Curriculum

The Glocalized Curriculum represents our bold attempt in meeting the challenges and the opportunities offered by the trend of glocalization in the field of education through the work of integrating the local curriculum and the international education curricula. The Curriculum engages students actively in a professionally designed, innovative, balanced and diverse learning experience provided by a twelve-year through-train exploration. Moreover, the Academy places great importance in developing students’ language ability; therefore, the Curriculum aims at enhancing students’ biliteracy and trilingualism plus one foreign language. English will be adopted as the major medium of instruction and Putonghua will be adopted in the Chinese subject teaching. The Academy will recruit a high ratio of Native English-speaking Teachers (NETs) to enhance the students’ English proficiency. To uphold the Academy’s core values, our students will receive intensive character-building program built on biblical foundation so as to foster their whole person development. Furthermore, the Academy does not only see the purpose of assessment solely for ‘selection’ but also an indicator of the students’ learning progress and outcomes.

Primary School

ELCHK Lutheran Academy is an IB Primary Years Programme World School, having received Authorization in January 2018. 

Please see our Primary Programme of Inquiry for information around the teaching and learning across the year and from years 1-6. These Units of Inquiry build on knowledge, skills and concepts from year to year as the students move through the school. Our current Program is reviewed regularly according to our curriculum, the needs of the students and the ever-changing world in which we live.

Primary School Programme (Year 1 – 6)

We believe that all children should have choice, voice, and ownership of their own learning. We have designed our Primary school programme – “The Glocalised Curriculum” to discover, cultivate and celebrate the individuality of every child.  Our Glocalised Curriculum is an integration of the Hong Kong curriculum and the PYP Curriculum that offers an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum that encourages students to make connections between local and global issues in a real-world context. 

During a year, students engage with 6 transdisciplinary Units of Inquiry. They are ‘Who we are,’ ‘Where we are in place and time,’ ‘How we express ourselves,’ ‘How the world works,’ ‘How we organise ourselves’ and ‘Sharing the planet.’ Specialist subject areas including Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Chinese and Culture are taught by specialist teachers. These specialist subjects are integrated within the Units of Inquiry where there is an authentic ‘fit’ as well as through Stand-Alone Units.​ Units of Inquiry including Mathematics, Language and Personal, Social and Physical Education, are taught by the homeroom teachers.

​To enhance student learning and connect Units with the real world, students participate in regular field trips around Hong Kong. We dedicate ourselves to enriching our student’s learning experiences through visits to museums, art galleries, parks, charities and farms, to name but a few places.

Lutheran Academy is also an ICT-infused school, thus we commit ourselves to enhancing our students ICT skills by utilizing them throughout their learning process via a range of latest technology.


In the final year of our PYP journey, our Year 6 students take part in a PYP Exhibition collaborative project where they synthesize their acquired knowledge, conceptual understanding, and skills. Finally, these Year 6 students celebrate and share their learning journey with the LUAC community.

Language Policy for PYP Section
Programme of Inquiry
Academic Honesty Policy
 LA Inclusive Education Policy

Middle School

Overview of the MYP curriculum

Lutheran Academy is an authorised IB MYP World school offering a three-year programme (Year 7 to Year 9).  The curriculum involves the implementation of Hong Kong local curriculum with reference to the MYP framework.  The programme inspires and develops students to be inquiry-driven which enables them to understand and explore the world through thought-provoking open-ended questions.

We offer the Hong Kong Secondary School Curriculum through eight subject groups in our Middle School, namely:

  • Language & Literature (English Language Arts and Chinese & Culture)

  • Language Acquisition (English Language Arts and Chinese & Culture)

  • Individuals and Societies

  • Integrated Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • Arts (Drama, Music and Visual Arts)

  • Physical & Health Education 

  • Design

In addition to the above, we have our school-based programmes in LED/Bible and Chinese History.

The programme promotes interdisciplinary learning allowing students to see the knowledge and learning connections between academic subjects. This integrated learning allows students to develop habits of mind that they need to participate in an ever-increasingly interconnected world.   Besides the learning in the eight subject groups, our MYP students have to do the following projects to complete the program:

Community Project – The Community Project is a major task for Year 9 students to complete their Middle School Programme before they transition to the DSE or IBDP programme. MYP projects involve students in a wide range of activities to extend their knowledge and understanding and to develop their skills and attitude, evaluating the product/outcome and reflecting on their project and their learning. 

As students become involved in the self-initiated and self-directed learning process, they will find it easier to construct in-depth knowledge on their topic and develop an understanding of themselves as learners.

Service and Action – At the centre of the Community project is Service and Action learning, which students gain experience in, inside and outside of the classroom using the inquiry skills students gain through the IB framework. 

Learners at Lutheran Academy demonstrate a commitment to service and act to make a positive difference to the environment and the lives of others. As an IB World School, Lutheran Academy values the importance of taking principled action across a range of interconnecting local and global communities. 

Combining responsible action with sustained inquiry and critical reflection, our students can develop the attributes of the learner profiles which are essential for success at different stages of lives.

Teaching and learning in the MYP are underpinned by the following concepts:

Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills – help students to learn how to learn so that they can be at the centre of their learning by developing skills for critical and creative thinking, communicating, collaborating and managing themselves.

Key and Related Concepts – each subject develop units that use these as part of their statement of inquiry. These concepts help students explore the big ideas in each unit through inquiry questions and collaboration.

Global Contexts – another part of the statement of inquiry, this help make learning authentic and gives students an understanding of why their learning is relevant and important in a globalised world.

Academic Honesty Policy
Assessment Policy
Inclusion Special Educational Needs Policy
Language Policy

Senior School

  Lutheran Academy is an authorized school to provide the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for our students.

In Year 10, our students will choose one of our study streams, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), our mainstream programme, or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), to further their studies, as we provide dual exits for them to seek further education either locally or abroad.

The *subject options for our students who opt for the HKDSE are:

Core Subjects   English
  Chinese Language         (Cantonese)  Chinese Language (Putonghua)

Citizenship & Social Development (from 21/22 Year 10)

(English as the Medium of Instruction)

Citizenship & Social Development (from 21/22 Year 10)

(Chinese as the Medium of Instruction)

Electives Group A  Chinese   History  Business, Accounting &   Financial Studies  Geography  Chemistry  Tourism & Hospitality   Studies
Electives Group B  Economics  History  Physics  Biology  Visual Arts

Mathematics Extended Part  Module   2

(Calculus & Algebra)

*The 4 Core Subjects are English, Chinese Language/ French, Mathematics and Liberal Studies/Citizenship & Social Development. For the 2 Electives, students will choose one from Group A and one from Group B.

Subject list of IB Diploma Program:

 Core Requirements  Extended Essay (EE) AND Theory of Knowledge (TOK) AND  Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

 Group 1:

 Studies in Language and   Literature

 Language A: Language and Literature – English (SL and HL)
Language A:  Language and Literature – Chinese (SL)

 Group 2:

 Language Acquisition

 Language B – Chinese (SL)
 Language B – Chinese (HL)
 Language B – English (SL)
 Language B – English (HL)

 Language B – French Ab initio  (SL)*

*Only for Non-Chinese Speakers who have not previously taken French

 Group 3:

 Individuals and Societies

 Business and Management (SL)
 Business and Management (HL)
 Economics (SL)
 Economics (HL)
 History (SL)
 History (HL)

 Group 4:


 Physics (SL)
 Physics (HL)
 Chemistry (SL)
 Chemistry (HL)
 Biology (SL)
 Biology (HL)

 Group 5:


 Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (SL)
 Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (HL)
 Mathematics Applications and Interpretation (SL)

 Group 6:

 The Arts

 Visual Arts (SL)
 Visual Arts (HL)
 Music (SL)
 Music (HL)

Both programmes are equally rigorous, and are suitable for students with different capabilities, attitudes and competence.

Selection Criteria for the IBDP (Current Students of LUAC)

Current students of Lutheran Academy who wish to enter the IBDP are required to submit:

  1. ) Learning Portfolio, the collection of own’s work that demonstrates one’s learning and reflections on the processes;
  2. ) Personal Project, a complete recording of a piece of student’s work from start to finish;
  3. ) Student-led Conference, the responsibility for learning and part of the Reporting Procedure for academic growth to parents;
  4. ) Learner Profile, evidence that proves the candidate to have developed the learner profile qualities; and
  5. ) Evidence of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), the proof that they have taken part in CAS, which may include forms of arts, sports, physical activities and voluntary services.

Selection Criteria for the IBDP (Transfer Students)

For transfer students who cannot present the above, we will select those who wish to enter the IBDP based on the following:

  1. )    education background;
  2. )    language competence;
  3. )    learning style; and
  4. )    qualities and attitudes

Upon your submission of application, it will be reviewed and commented by our teachers. Our committee members will then decide whether the student can conduct an interview with us and complete a written test. Offer will be given to those who are able to pass both of the above.

Admission Policy for IBDP

Senior School Programme (Year 10 – 12)

Summary Report on Year 12 Students’ Public Exam Results in 2022-23


Co-curricular Activities

With an aim to ensure our students’ whole-person development, the school strived to foster their innate passion for learning, while encouraging them to explore their interests through a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The school organized different activities in areas of music, sport, visual art and food technology etc. for students to select their favorite courses to participate.  These activities not only benefit their physical and mental health, but also instill in them the virtues of perseverance and self-discipline. CCA is arranged on bi-weekly basis and falls on school’s normal class schedule so as to encourage students’ to participate in “whole-person development” actively.

  Category   Activities
  Sport   Basketball
  L.A. Dancers
  Skipping Club
  Table Tennis
  Touch/Tag Rubgy/Evasian Games
  F30 Training Games
  Horse Riding
  Visual Art   Accessorize
  Creative Visual Arts
  Fun Craft
  Japanese Origami
  Free-style Arts Club
  Performing Art   Cantonese Drama Club
  Putonghua Speech Team
  Music   L.A. Primary Worship Band
  Music for Fun
  Others   Board Games
  Chillax Club
  Fun with Maths
  Green Kids Club
  Mandarin Movie Club
  Reading Club
  Tabletop Games
  Technology Club
  Zine Swap
  Art of Tea Club
  Campus TV
  Chemistry Club
  Chinese Chess Club
  Chinese Press Club
  Debating Team
  English Creative Writing Club
  English Movie and Reading Club
  L.A. Master Chef
  Fun in Chinese Movie
  L.A. Buddy Programme
  Tackle Scrabble
  Wei Qi Club

Extra-curricular Activities

  Category   Activities
  Sport   Tennis Club
  Judo Club
  Fencing Club
  Table Tennis
  Visual Art   Integrated Arts Course
  Chinese Painting

Career and Life Planning

Career Counselling Team provides guidance on students’ career exploration process, post-secondary opportunities and career planning. Each year group has specific career and education guidance tailored to accommodate the needs of students, e.g. life education lessons, individual career counselling sessions, etc, aiming to ensure our students are aware of the opportunities and options available to them and therefore be able to make informed decisions about their future. 


Career Counselor: Mr Amos TANG

Teachers in the Career Counselling Team: Ms Karen CHEUNG, Mr Tony WONG, Ms Hoi-yin LAM, Ms Gina DONG

Office: Room 505E

Workshops and Events:

  • Local and Overseas University Application Seminars
  • Interview and Personal Statement Workshops/ Training Sessions
  • UCAS and Common Application Workshops
  • Career Fest (Industry sharing, university taster lectures, parent workshops)
  • Parents Seminars on Further Education Pathways
  • Alumni Sharing 
  • External Organisations Sharing 
  • Week of Work (Work Placement Week for Year 10 Students)
  • Visits to higher education institutions and workplace

Universities Offers Our LUAC Graduates Received (2021-2022): 

Hong Kong:

  • The University of Hong Kong
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Lingnan University

  • Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

  • Hong Kong Metropolitan University

  • The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

  • Tung Wah College

United States:

  • University of Southern California

United Kingdom:

  • City, University of London

  • Goldsmith, University of London

  • King’s College London

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of Coventry

  • University of Exeter

  • University of Reading


  • Centennial College
  • McMaster University

  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • University of Toronto Scarborough


  • University of Tasmania
  • University of Technology Sydney


  • Fu Jen Catholic University

To request a progress report, transcript and proof of study, please complete the attached request form and submit it to the Student and Administration Office in person or via email (

To request a reference letter written by teachers, please complete the request form together with the attached Verification Form of Achievements, and submit them in person to the Career Counseling Team at Rm 505E.

Upon receipt of the form(s), please allow 10 working days for
processing. Urgent requests may not be entertained.

Career And Life Planning

Annual Plan for Career and Life Planning Grant (2021-22)

Reference Request

Further Study Reference Request Form
Verification Form of Achievements (Optional)

1 to 1 Macbook Programme