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Welcome To ELCHK Lutheran Academy

LA is determined to provide our future leaders with quality education and become one of the best schools that the community could always look up to.

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Primary School

Our Primary School’s IBPYP places the learner at the centre of learning, teaching and planning in all we do at LA. We apply a transdisciplinary approach and deliver learning experiences which extend across and beyond regular school subjects.

Middle School

Our Middle School’s IBMYP involves eight subject groups, with each group using the MYP framework to deliver relevant content in the Hong Kong curriculum through explicitly taught skills with clear and in-depth student reflection.

Senior School

Our Senior School is a school united by the joy of learning, excellence in achievement and development of further education and future career pathways. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through completing either the HKDSE or IB Diploma Programs, both of which encourage students to be inquirers and thinkers who continuously reflect on their learning.