Dr. Patrick Hak-chung LAM

Chief Principal

B.A, PGDE (Distinction, CUHK), M.Sc. (Distinction, HKU), Doctor of Education (HKU)

Dr. Patrick Lam, our Chief Principal, was raised in a blessed Christian missionary family. As a reflective practitioner, he has been a school teacher (both local and IB curricula) and principal in primary and secondary schools for 30 years. He spent his first 9 years of service in senior forms of 2 secondary schools before migrating to New Zealand.

After serving as a Project Manager of External School Review in Ministry of Education, New Zealand for 2 years, he was invited back to Hong Kong in 2002 as the founding Vice-principal of HKUGA Primary School and prepared for the establishment of HKUGA College. Dr. Lam had been the Associate Director of Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (established by the LegCo in 2008) for six years who specialised in students’ affective development, career and life planning, teacher professional development and parent support for gifted education in the territory. He also served in the senior management of a couple of through-train schools.

In addition to the services in various committees and task forces in the Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau, as well as being the honorary director and consultant of various charity organisations, Dr. Lam has been a part-time lecturer at CUHK and HKBU as well as an invited speaker for over 300 workshops and seminars in schools, tertiary institutions, parent groups and the Education Bureau in Hong Kong, the Mainland China, Canada, Spain, Russia and Taiwan. He has contributed over 40 articles to international journals, international conferences and proceedings in order to share his educational vision and practices.

Dr. Lam has been a learning experience designer and instructor of many stimulating educational programmes in various organisations across 7 continents for about two decades, including various student local hiking records, Antarctica (Asian 1st group of secondary school students) and Arctic (Hong Kong’s 1st group of secondary school students) expeditions in 2010 and 2011 respectively, Africa service trip in 2016, Cambodia service trip in 2017, and paleontological & geological investigation tours in Siberia in 2017, 2018 and 2019, to name but a few. He has also pioneered a number of international collaboration projects for schools with the professional and financial support provided by HKU and EDB since 2004. After receiving the Master of Science (Distinction) and Doctor of Education degrees from the University of Hong Kong, he continues to acquire the deep meaning of education and effective school strategies to nurture our future leaders.