IMC’s Composition

The School is managed by the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of ELCHK Lutheran Academy, which has been established since 3 January 2012. The IMC now consists of different stakeholders, the School Sponsoring Body (SSB) Managers, the Parent Managers, the Teacher Managers, the Independent Manager and the Principal (Ex-officio Manager). Together they work collaboratively and professionally to formulate policies and procedures to improve the education of students of ELCHK Lutheran Academy.

In 2023 – 24, the IMC Composition is as follows:

Category of Manager Name
SSB Manager

Rev. CHANG Chun Wa

  • School Supervisor of LA
  • Chairman of IMC of LA
SSB Manager Ms CHEUNG Vinci
SSB Manager Ms CHAN Mei Yee
SSB Manager Elder SO Ming Po Simon
SSB Manager Ms CHAO Ngar Man
SSB Manager Mr TANG Ka Nam
SSB Manager Ms LAI Ying Vivian
Alternate SSB Manager Ms LAM Pui Ching Samantha
Principal (Ex-Officio Manager) Dr LAM Hak Chung Patrick
Independent Manager Dr CHENG Chi Keung
Parent Manager Dr CHEN Yifeng
Alternate Parent Manager Ms WONG Rufina
Teacher Manager Ms WONG Choi Ha
Alternate Teacher Manager Ms YIP Yee Man Eva