Sharan GILL




Unit of Inquiry

Sharan GILL

My name is Sharan. I am from New Zealand and have lived in Hong Kong for over 6 years. Whilst my education and career background was in Law, I started teaching in Hong Kong and re-trained as a teacher whilst living in Hong Kong because I really enjoyed teaching. I love children and nothing satisfies me more than seeing them enjoy learning. It is rewarding for me when they appreciate their time spent with me and their classmates, and their big personalities baffles me, especially how much they know and how quickly they can pick things up. My experience at Lutheran continues to get better with every day as I find the students and my colleagues delightful. As for my interests, I enjoy sport and my quiet time as well. At the moment I am a member of a very competitive dragon boat team, and also try to go to the gym and play badminton whenever I could.