Assistant Head of Pastoral Care (Secondary)

subject(S) taught

Chinese & Culture (HKDSE Chinese Language, IBMYP Language & Literature)
Chinese History

Thomas TSANG

I obtained Bachelor’s Degree of Education (Language Education) and Master’s Degree of Education (Chinese Language Education) from the University of Hong Kong. I am now teaching HKDSE Chinese Language in senior form, IBMYP Language & Literature and Chinese History in junior form.

I love teaching very much. As William Arthur Ward said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” I would like to be a teacher who ignites the fire that fuels students’ thirst for Chinese literature and culture.

In addition, I am the Assistant Head of Pastoral Care. I would like to adopt Whole School Approach to help students develop self-esteem, self-discipline and cultivate a respectful attitude and a sense of commitment. I hope to understand individual students from their developmental needs and have genuine communication with them giving reflection of feelings and expectations on them to develop a harmonious teacher-student relationship.