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English Language Arts

Kelvin YAU

This has been the tenth year since I joined LUAC. I obtained a Bachelor Degree of Arts in English and communication with first-class honours from University of Central Lacashire in the UK and completed my PGDE teaching qualification at the University of Hong Kong. I have also recently received my Master’s Degree in English Studies from the University of Hong Kong.

Back in high school, I was blessed to have come across an inspirational teacher who has entirely changed the landscape of my life! My English teacher in my matriculate years, Ms. Wong made me fall in love with English language. She boosted my confidence in English writing by sharing with me her insights and recommending all the must-read books and English movies to me. But above all, she inspired me to broaden my horizons and to become a better person!

Looking back, in a sense, she might be the reason why I chose to major in English and communication, and pursue a challenging yet exciting career as an English writer, editor, and copywriter prior to becoming a teacher. I am eternally thankful that a wonderful teacher like Ms. Wong has changed my life because without her, I wouldn’t have been where I am right now. I’d like to continue to pass this “”torch”” to my students, and share with them my passion for English. The most rewarding part of my job as an educator is to witness the amazing growth of my students.