subject(S) taught

English Language Arts

Cecilia EAGLES

I was born in Hong Kong and brought up and educated in Bath, England. When I was 7, I attended my first boarding school, a convent school, in which I also learnt to be independent in looking after myself.  After I completed all my education in England with some work experience, I then came to Hong Kong and continued my career in teaching.

In Hong Kong, I have taught at a number of prestigious schools and I have thoroughly enjoyed my work in teaching and also in gaining so much valuable experience, as well as imparting my knowledge onto my students.

Briefly about my personal life, I am happily married to my Australian husband, and we have a lovely 8 year old boy. In 2009, I have been successfully qualified as an accredited IELTS examiner awarded by the University of Cambridge Examining Board.

This year, I am really looking forward to starting my new teaching life at Lutheran Academy.