Head of Middle School
Assistant Principal
DP Subject Group Head of Language Acquisition
Vice Chairperson of LAPT

subject(S) taught

English Language Arts

Clarice CHEUNG
Head of Middle School

Yuen Long Lutheran Primary School, Luther College High School, ELCHK Lutheran Academy…a trilogy of my Lutheran life.

My first book starts with a young girl who knew nothing about Christianity until she joined Yuen Long Lutheran Primary School, where Christian values sank in through the years. In Book Two, she voyaged to Luther College High School in Canada to complete her high school education, where she learned to inquire and become an independent thinker and inquirer with her IB fellow schoolmates. Before she embarked on her journey at ELCHK Lutheran Academy, she demonstrated her IB learner attribute of being knowledgeable by attaining her Bachelor of Science Degree, Teaching as a Second Language Diploma, Post-graduate Diploma of Education, and Master of Education. Her passion for learning never stops. While teaching at LUAC, she completed her second Master’s degree and obtained a Master of Art in Language, Culture & Literature. Clarice also exhibited her attribute as a risk-taker by teaching at two universities in Hong Kong as a part-time lecturer alongside her secondary school teaching. My Book Three is yet finished; the colleagues, parents, students whom I meet in this journey will help me fill the chapters with colours, memories and blessings.