Bad Weather Arrangement


Situation 1: Typhoon Signal No.3 is hoisted

  • All students need to attend school as usual unless special announcement has been made by the EDB.



Situation 2: Typhoon Signal No.3 changed to No.8 on the way to school

  • (Non-school bus riders) Students should stay home if they are still at home. Students may choose to return home if they are on the way to school. School campus will be open. Students who have arrived at school should go straight to the Lecture Theatre. Office staff will call the parents to pick up the students.
  • (School bus riders) Parents should contact the school bus nannies directly for the transportation arrangements.



Situation 3: HK Observatory makes Pre-typhoon No.8 Special Announcement during school hours:



Situation 4: HK Observatory makes Pre-Red/ Black Rainstorm Warning Special Announcement before leaving home

  • Students should turn on the TV/ radio or check the EDB website for special announcements of class suspension. They should stay home if such announcement is in place.



Situation 5: Red/ Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted on the way to school

  • Students should decide whether to proceed with their journey to school taking into consideration the rain, road, slope or traffic conditions.
  • Unless being picked up by parents, students who have arrived at school are required to stay until the end of the school day.