Glocalized Curriculum
  With commitments in providing quality education, we specially introduce a brand-new 'Glocalized' Curriculum to Hong Kong students. In short, it combines the essence and advantages of the international and local curricula which meets the diversified learning needs of different students. To produce 21st century leaders with strong Christian faith, global mindedness and the desire to incessantly search for excellence, we will fully devote ourselves in the professional development of the Curriculum. In the future, our students will have alternatives in their future study, going for New Secondary School Curriculum or Diploma Program, after they have completed the first 9 years of learning experience.  
  Features of the Glocalized Curriculum  
  The Glocalized Curriculum represents our bold attempt in meeting the challenges and the opportunities offered by the trend of glocalization in the field of education through the work of integrating the local curriculum and the international education curricula. The Curriculum engages students actively in a professionally designed, innovative, balanced and diverse learning experience provided by a twelve-year through-train exploration. Moreover, the Academy places great importance in developing students' language ability; therefore, the Curriculum aims at enhancing students' biliteracy and trilingualism plus one foreign language. English will be adopted as the major medium of instruction and Putonghua will be adopted in the Chinese subject teaching. The Academy will recruit a high ratio of Native English-speaking Teachers (NETs) to enhance the students' English proficiency. To uphold the Academy's core values, our students will receive intensive character-building program built on biblical foundation so as to foster their whole person development. Furthermore, the Academy does not only see the purpose of assessment solely for 'selection' but also an indicator of the students' learning progress and outcomes.