New Release: Recruiting ECA Coaches
30 August 2015
We are looking for experienced coaches for the following positions:
• Basketball, Dance, Football, Fencing, Judo, Golf, Table tennis, Tennis, Taekwondo, Track & Field, Gymnastics, Skipping & Swimming
For more detail, please click here.
New Release: Teaching Post & Non-teaching Post
27 August 2015
Please find here for more details.  
New Release: Recruiting Choreographer
21 August 2015
We are recruiting a choreographer to conduct choreography rehearsals for the 52nd Schools Dance Festival and ensure choreography is suitable for school-aged students.
Details of the requirement can be found here.
New Release: 1 Tender item
13 July 2015
Please click here for more information.  
Year 1 Admissions Application (2015 - 2016) *Online Application Only
6 July 2015
On-line application is now open between 6 July 2015 and 12 September 2015, please apply now!
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